In-Home Sessions

Training in your home. Progress guaranteed.

"Sasha is now the perfect dog, and all it took was a couple of hours with Sam. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that we would get these results, especially in such a short period of time."

- Jill C.

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Mini Session

  • Training in your home
  • 3-hour session jam packed with information
  • Learn how to address specific behaviors
  • Learn how to understand your dog and improve your relationship with them
  • Training collar/leash included
  • Phone/text/email support

If you're just struggling with a very specific issue, then you might qualify for this program. My clients that really succeed in this program are the ones who have an incredible dog but are struggling with a minor detail. Maybe your dog has perfect obedience but can't hold a down for more than 5 minutes. Or maybe your dog will do absolutely everything you ask them to do but the moment a squirrel/cat comes into the picture your dog acts like it hasn't had a bit of training in its life. Maybe you want to teach your dog to walk better on a leash but things just haven't been going so well. These are all great reasons to consider the mini session to help you through your challenges and I guarantee we can make quick progress or resolve simple problems for many dogs in this single session.


  • Training in your home
  • 4 weekly sessions with a total of 7.5 hours of total training
  • Learn the 5 basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel, place (on-leash obedience only)
  • Learn how to address/prevent problem behaviors such as lunging, barking, pulling, jumping, growling, counter surfing
  • Training equipment included: training collar and place cot
  • Phone/text/email support

In these four weekly sessions, we will assess your dog and put together a comprehensive approach/plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they be obedience and/or behavioral issues.

The 1-on-1 program covers any issues on the walk (lunging, barking, growling, pulling, reacting to other dogs, etc.), as well as all of the basic commands on-leash – sit/stay, down/stay, place, come/recall. We will also address behavior problems, such as jumping up, mouthing, nipping, counter surfing, or any other issues you might be experiencing.


*For complete obedience training, or for dogs with aggression, or severe anxiety, please refer to our board and train program.

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